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Our French Oak Timber Flooring is Unique

Sustainable French Oak Flooring

Sustainable French Oak is hardwood timber supplied direct from our mill in Burgundy, Salvage Europe invite you to create your own chapter of this incredible French Story. Inspired by the past for generations to come.

France has always had a long and well-respected history of managing its forests, the trees look wild and natural, but they are planted deliberately.


The oak hardwood Salvage Europe source is sustainable grown in forests that have stood for centuries under legitimate stewardship. French forests have been “cultivated” since the 12th Century and produce the best oak in the world. The rest of the world don’t “cultivate” oak they simply cut what is available.


The timber Salvage Europe source is single origin sustainable harvested old growth logs between 200 - 250 years old. Sourcing this timber enables Salvage Europe to guarantee consistency and the quality of our milled products. Salvage Europe guarantee our French Oak will be PEFC (FSC) certified.


Salvage Europe is committed to an ethical and diverse approach to sustainable timber supply. Our mill complies with strict harvesting methods in line with PEFC regulations.


Along with the exclusivity and assurance that come with full certification selecting our timber means you are safe in the knowledge that for years to come there will be ample supply.

Our French Oak is old growth hardwood which guarantees this timber extremely stable, it has been air dried for over two years, then kiln dried in state of the art kilns. Once kiln dried the timber is stored in isolation sheds these warehouses are over 7,000 m2 allowing a large choice of materials available at all times.

A guarantee of quality product

From the arrival of the logs until their transformation and the storage of the finished products, a long technical and qualitative process takes place. All logs are carefully controlled during the entire process too ensure the demands of our clients needs are meet.

Single Origin French Oak Hardwood

Our French oak timber floors are single origin products they show their character and the special story of their forest of origin.


We believe that the world’s best sawn hardwood comes from oak that stood for centuries in French forests under legitimate stewardship. Selectively and carefully harvested.


Crafted from 200-year-old wood, the natural golden genuine French oak timber floors are a rare and charming product. Think French wines, and the warmth of the sun and you have a wood that’s been formed by Mother Nature.


French Oak timber floors will add warmth and richness to any project.

Our Single Origin French Oak timber floors are prized for its tannin content, which reacts beautifully to custom colouring yielding colours that are sometimes not possible to achieve with other products. Bespoke finishes stains and surface treatments work with the character and tones of any design application.


Our French Oak is a tight grain pattern sawn in a centre-sawn fashion yielding planks with beautiful "cathedral" grain in the centre of each plank, and straight grain on the edges of the planks.


Salvage Europe has extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process, which is just as important as the quality of the raw material being used. Our single origin French Oak products have been crafted to the very highest standard, our entire collection of timber products have been tested specifically to ensure that they are suitable for use even in demanding hospitality, retail, office, or even residential environments. Our Single Origin French Oak boards are solid featuring a 20mm thick board, 220mm wideplank no glue or ply just real wood.

Our Promise

We are acutely aware that by creating our products, we have an impact on people, communities and the planet. Our aim is to make this impact as positive as possible. We are continually looking for ways to educate our global team, partners and suppliers to ensure we meet all ethical product requirements through all stages of our value chain. 


Salvage Europe guarantee no toxic glue or ply our products are 100% organic solid oak