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French Oak Flooring

Why is French Oak Flooring so Popular?

Who doesn’t love good wood flooring? Redoing your floors with hardwood can definitely add more value to your home. But with all the different options of wood flooring out there, how do you know which one is the best out there. While the best option is based on your personal style and preference, and budget, one popular option of choice is French Oak flooring. French Oak flooring is one of the most distinct and attractive options of hardwood flooring all over the world. It’s aesthetics brings a pleasing look and adds warmth, and vibrancy to a home. French Oak flooring has been used for centuries in castles, chalets, villas and monasteries. And now, many homeowners and homebuilders are now turning to French Oak flooring.


It’s very obvious that French Oak wood look great, but how about the quality? It is without a doubt, French Oak is one of the most durable woods in the world. It is very strong, dense and can weather the test of time and the colours will not fade over time.


French Oak flooring is very popular and is a great investment for any home. And if you are looking for French Oak flooring in Sydney, look no further than Salvage Europe. Salvage Europe brings you custom French Oak flooring that is sourced from forests in the Burgundy region of France. The oak hardwood is sustainable grown from forests that have stood for centuries under legitimate stewardship. The timber Salvage Europe source is single origin forest, old growth logs between 200 - 250 years old. Sourcing this timber enables Salvage Europe to guarantee consistency and the quality of our milled products.


Salvage Europe has built a great reputation based on the quality of their custom French Oak flooring but also because Salvage Europe is a company that is committed as a known stakeholder in the ethics and diversity of sustainable wood supply. By creating products that have an impact on people, communities and the planet, their aim is to make this impact as positive as possible, as they continually look for new ways to meet all ethical product requirements through all stages of our value chain.


So if you are looking for French Oak flooring in Sydney, make sure to check out Salvage Europe. You can learn more about Salvage Europe and order a sample of their French Oak flooring in Sydney at


Salvage Europe’s custom French Oak flooring will add value to any home.