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French Oak Flooring In Brisbane

Salvage Europe - Providing French Oak Flooring in Brisbane

Why does everyone love French Oak floors? For one, they are very aesthetically pleasing and add elegance to a home. It provides are more traditional antique look for your home. But Frenh Oak floors’ charm and look is matched by its durability, which is another reason why people love French Oak floors. Because French Oak is very dense and strong, it is able to withstand extreme conditions, abuse and it won’t lose its colour easy over time. Plus French Oak floors are easier to clean and maintain. Another advantage of investing in French Oak floors for your home is that solid oak flooring have longer floorboards.


And, if you looking for French wide plank floorboards in Brisbane, look no further than Salvage Europe. Salvage Europe provides French Oak flooring in Brisbane and all all over Australia. Their French wide plank floorboards are 220MM wide boards. French wide plank floorboards Wide plank flooring has been a long-standing symbol of elegant, timeless flooring. Any tone on a wide plank floor adds an unmistakable element of design and craft. Stretched beautifully across a room, this type of flooring is a stand out feature in any space.


Salvage Europe is a company that is committed as a known stakeholder in the ethics and diversity of sustainable wood supply. The wood that is used for their French Oak floors are sourced from old growth French forests that have stood for centuries under legitimate stewardship. These French forests have been “cultivated” since the 12th Century and produce the best oak in the world. Every tree that is cut down is replaced with at least one tree to ensure the preservation of these forests for years to come.


With an extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process, their high quality oak flooring has been tested to withstand the most demanding conditions and are suitable for retail, office and residential environments. Salvage Europe ensures that they provide their customers with high quality French Oak wide plank floorboards that are worthy of their customers’ establishments. They rely on a combination of tried and true manufacturing as well as selective oak products to ensure the best results for your floors.


So if you want to invest in French wide plank floorboards and are looking for French Oak flooring in Brisbane, look no further than Salvage Europe. By investing in Salvage Europe’s French wide plank floorboards, you will get the most out of your money with long lasting, elegant French Oak floors that will add value to your home.


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