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French Oak Products

Are You In Search For ‘French Oak Products

Near Me’ in Australia?

If you are searching for ‘French Oak products near me’ in Australia, look no further than Salvage Europe. Salvage Europe is your number one choice for sustainable old-growth French oak products that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Salvage Europe has extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process, which is just as important as the quality of the raw material being used. Their single origin French Oak products have been crafted to the very highest standard. Salvage Europe’s entire collection of French Oak products have been tested specifically to ensure that they are suitable for use even in demanding hospitality, retail, office, or even residential environments.  


The sustainable solid French Oak at Salvage Europe are just as legendary as the forests, in Burgundy, France, in which they grew. The solid French Oak has a stable character, rich grain pattern and stable tannin levels enable us to create the finest French oak floors. Each board is made from a single piece of wood (1 layer). Solid boards consist of a thick layer of solid wood, making it a better option if you plan to re-sand the floor in the future a few times. They also have a hard wax oil finish. The look of a hard waxed oiled wood floor is unrivalled, as is its tactile feel. A penetrating oil finish does not sit on the surface of the wood but rather sinks into the grain. Consequently, when you walk barefoot on an oil-finished floor, your feet are in direct contact with the wood. If you chose a surface treatment such as a Lacquer, on the other hand, there would always be a layer of plastic between you and the wood.


Solid French Oak is very durable and provides a warm and vibrant for any home or office. At Salvage Europe, they offer some of the finest French Oak products on the market. From floorboards, overlay boards, cladding boards, stair treads and skirting boards - all of their French Oak products are manufactured in Australia and PEFC certified. So if you are searching ‘French Oak products near me’ in Australia, look no further than Salvage Europe.


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