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Wholesale Oak Flooring Company

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Are You Searching on the Internet for a ‘Wholesale Company Near Me’ in Australia?

Are you searching for a ‘wholesale oak flooring company near me’ in Australia? If so, check out Salvage Europe - Australia’s number one source for custom French Oak products.


There are many benefits that are offered from solid French Oak Flooring. French Oak timber flooring products has been admired for centuries as many castles, monasteries and villas have been built out of French Oak timber flooring products. If you ask any real estate agent, they will all agree that homes with custom French Oak timber flooring products will sell much faster and add more value to any home. It adds a sense of warmth and beauty to any home and one of the most desired wood floor coverings.


Other than the looks, French Oak wood offers many other benefits. The six benefits of installing solid French Oak Flooring:


Lifespan anywhere from 80 to over 100 years.

Due to its thickness, it can span slight differences in sub floor height without flexing when walked on.

Produces a good solid floor structurally

Can be sanded and refinished multiple times if needed.

Solid French Oak flooring will increase the value of your home.

Solid French Oak flooring does not cause allergies; recommended to use by allergists.


If you are interested in custom French Oak products, contact Salvage Europe. The oak Salvage Europe source is grown in forests that have stood for centuries under legitimate stewardship in the region of Burgundy, France. The hardwood are selectively harvested and the custom French oak products are manufactured in Australia from one piece of solid oak. It is manufactured and machined to very accurate dimensional, which enables fast and easy installation, thus saving time and money on the related costs. Their solid French oak has a width of 220 mm and is 20mm thick, so that durability and strength are provided within your finished floor, whilst the natural movement associated with solid French oak is minimised.


So if you are searching for a ‘wholesale oak flooring company near me’ in Australia, make sure to contact Salvage Europe. You can get a free sample of their timber flooring products as well as get a free quote from them today. To learn more on how you can get your free sample or free quote, go to to learn more.